Jump quickly to graphics with new Word shortcut

The latest enhancement in Word for the web brings a better graphic navigation experience. Now, with keyboard shortcuts alone, you can select and move between graphics like never before.

In short, Ctrl + Alt + G or Cmd + Alt/Option + G will select the first graphic in the document and then jump between other images.

Source: Microsoft, cropped by us

Jump to Graphic keyboard shortcuts

1. Open a document in Word for the web, containing at least one graphic.

2. Press the new shortcut Ctrl+Alt+G (Windows) or Cmd+Alt+G (Mac)
The first graphic in your document is highlighted, ready for your next command.

Microsoft gives the Mac shortcut as Cmd+Alt+G but there’s no ‘Alt’ on most Mac keyboards. Use the Option key e.g. Cmd + Option + G

Note: not the first visible or nearest graphic but the first image/graphic in the whole document.

3 Press the Tab key to navigate to the next captivating image within your document.

4. To revisit the previous graphic, just press Shift+Tab

Click outside the graphics (e.g. text) to return to regular editing and the usual action for the Tab and Shift + Tab keys.

More tips

  • Ctrl+Alt+G / Cmd + Alt + G will always select the first graphic in your document, regardless of your current selection.
  • This shortcut works with all graphic types, including inline, floating
  • Image navigation won’t take you outside of specific regions, like headers or footers.

Who gets it?

At the moment, the shortcuts are only in Word on the web.  It seems a good bet they’ll be added to Word for Windows and Mac.