Workaround for Outlook slowly saving attachments

There’s a bug in the latest release of Outlook 365 for Windows (Microsoft 365) which makes saving attachments slow to a crawl.  Microsoft has a workaround to consider, if you’re desperate.

The problem occurs when saving attachments to a network folder directly. There’s a long wait looking at this dialog box.

Finally the ‘Save As …’ box appears.

According to Microsoft, it’s happening in these Microsoft 365 for Windows releases:

  • Current Channel: v 2304 build 16327.20214
  • Monthly Enterprise Channel:  v2304 build 16327.20324


Microsoft has a workaround but the ‘cure‘ might be more trouble than it’s worth.

First, revert to an earlier version of Microsoft 365, which isn’t easy.

Then disable the WebClient service in Windows.  Open services.msc (from Run box), select WebClient properties.  Then Stop the service and change Startup Type to Disabled.

However stopping WebClient may well have consequences for other Windows programs.

Microsoft says they’ll update this page once they know more.

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