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Office Watch is just a team of two operating on a tiny budget.

Your donation goes straight towards making sure we can spend the time and resources necessary to go deep into Microsoft Office.  We don’t rely on Microsoft’s promises and hype.  No copy/paste of press releases, we check for ourselves and tell you what we learn.

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All Office Watch donors get a Thank You book.  After donating you’ll be taken to a download page for Office Watch Annual – 2022 – over 400 pages of the best and most interesting Office Watch articles of the year PLUS bonus files and graphics related to the articles.

Office Watch checks how Microsoft Office really works.  That saves you time and blood pressure trying to figure the damn thing out <g>.

Save Money – we save our readers money every day with tips on legal ways to buy Office/Microsoft 365 for less money.  Hundreds of readers extend their Microsoft 365 plans for less than the top price Microsoft tries to fool people into paying.

We do NOT get commission or ‘kick-back’ on sales links. Retailers have rules about what affiliate sites can say, rules that would limit what we tell you to save money (like auto-renewal traps, bait and switch deals).

So – if you enjoy what we do or save money & time from our work – please do put your money where our mouth is and help support us.

Donate with your Paypal account

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Windows 11 for Microsoft Office users

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